Athena - the furthest she went

Before Athena retired, she made a picture set called ‘hands on full’.  It was the only one done with a guy.  It made me want to see her do more.  I have a feeling she is fantastic in bed and would be a great fuck.  It’s too bad she just didn’t go one step further.  But I’m grateful for what this huge-boobed Ohioan gave to the world before she faded away from boob modeling forever.

I love you Abbi !!

I love you Abbi !!

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Super Hard Drive Spin!!

Let’s see what pics we find!  Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

Maxi Moom just because

I always liked her.  When TopHeavy had a forum (they no longer have it) for models to write about their lives, Maxi was always very competitive and bragged about how her boobs were bigger than the other models.  Maybe it wasn’t sportsmanlike, but it sure was arousing.  She always had the pics to back up her claim!

Weekend Hard Drive Spin! Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Virginia Bell - best of the 1950s

Stephen King recently released a book about going back in time to the year 1958.

If you ever get such a chance, I can guarantee that your best boober of the 1950s to meet (and hopefully have passionate sex with) would be Virginia Bell.  She still holds a place in my heart from when I was a wee young lad flipping through girlie magazines and being astonished by her big all-natural boobs in an ad called Virginia “DING DONG” Bell.

Renee Ross would be my fantasy date

Lately I was thinking which babe I would like to go out with for a night and make sure the date ends up in a hotel room.  Well there are thousands of babes I feel that way about, but right now it would be Renee Ross.  Anyone else feelin’ it?             

Gone but not forgotten - the breasts of Lea Foster

Lea Foster AKA Lee Foster was a mini-internet sensation on Yahoo Groups in the days before Facebook or even MySpace.

Her incredibly cute and sweet next-door charm was slowly overtaken by her growing, heaving bosom.  Instead of embracing her boobs, she unfortunately became more and more uncomfortable with them.  She was by far the largest busted model for Cinnamon magazine, and her fellow models kept telling her (errantly) that Lea’s career would only get better if she would chop off her tits and go for the breast reduction.

Well, fellow boobman, you know that this was a logical fallacy.  Lea unfortunately DID go through with the breast reduction, and her career disappeared at exactly the same moment in time.  Let this be yet another warning to all models for all time: BREAST REDUCTIONS DO NOT HELP CAREERS.  YOU WILL SIMPLY LOSE YOUR MALE AUDIENCE!

Six years ago she was queen of the internet (Dawn Harvey)

The year was 2006.  MySpace was huge.  Facebook was barely noticed yet.  British teen Dawn Harvey AKA DawnBird was a little ahead of her time, putting herself out there as the first socially-networked busty babe.  That year she went from 5 friends to 500.  But she was a living contradiction - simultaneously egotistical yet shying from attention - showing off her breasts proudly but at other times running from the resulting adulation. 

In the end, she got her apparent wish - she was eclipsed by the hundreds of other younger and bustier babes who would soon follow. 

Nowadays, whether Dawn intended it or not, no one thinks about her anymore.  Save for moments of reflection such as this.

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Morning Boobs

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